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Lady Asmondena – A true Goddess

She is beautiful and merciless! With one look from her lovely, dark, commanding eyes she will melt all your resistance away. With her gorgeous body clothed in latex, leather or spandex, she will mesmerize you and bring you to your knees to serve her. She will make you her slave, her toy to be used, abused and played with as the whim strikes her. Challenge her and you will feel her power.
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Look my Shoes – Well worn Shoes in Detail

Get every detail of our well worn Heels, see every little crumb of streetdirt under our soles. Put your nose to our insoles, to the dirty sweaty footprint, the witness of long walks every day. Come closer to our feet, get an impression of our toes and heels into sexy high heels or platforms. Creep into our shoes and dive into the smell of our feet. You will love our shoes, you will adore our sneakers, you want to lick our boots and ballarinas. Our Footwear is gold for you. You will be slave to our brutally worn shoes. Shoes, Feet, Shoes and again Feet and Shoes, that is what you want. Admire our shoes like they are the shoes of your queen, your mistress, your goddess. It is an honor for you to place a single kiss to the top of our shoes, perhaps you can smell our feet, but dont touch. Show that you are dignified to touch or kiss our bare feet in near future. Become our Shoeslave in Level #1 of our Footfetish World.
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Alex – 19 yo Teenager shows her Feet, Socks and Shoes

This is his one year personal journey into total footslavery. See him adore and worship the gorgeous feet of his mistress in every situation you can imagine. His mistresses feet rule his life and he lives for them. He is used for foot massage and as a carpet; cleaning and licking her feet in between eyery toe; lick the dirt of her sole. When watching tv he is a footstool or has to do pedicure work. The only thing he is allowed to drink is feet bath water.
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Colleen (21)